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Updated 09/05/15

Drop-off and pick-up points are designated at which your child is expected to be during schedules times. For convenience and safety reasons all kids participating in the carpool are instructed to meet at one single area for pick-ups.

A child who does not show up at the designated pick-up area within the allowed waiting period will be considered a ‘no show’.

We give a waiting grace period of 15 minutes.  The vehicle will leave at the set times that it is supposed to leave whether or not the child shows up. We are not responsible for a child’s whereabouts in the event that he or she does not show up for a pick-up. A child who does not show up for pick-up will be presumed to not be joining the carpool at that particular time. In case your child needs transportation at another time a new booking can be arranged for it.

The waiting grace period in this situation is short which is 5 minutes. In most cases, the destination is for the start of class. When one child is late, everybody else in the same vehicle is late. When the vehicle is running late the driver will naturally have the tendency to make up for lost time by driving faster. Driving faster beyond safety limits puts everybody at risk. This is the main consideration why the vehicle will leave in exactly 5 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time.

We understand that cancellations will at times be necessary and unavoidable. We request that all cancellations and time changes be made at least six (6) hours prior to the booked
trip. Cancellations made with less than the required notice will result in a late cancellation fee which is equal to the full amount charged for the trip. Time changes made with less than the required notice may result in a time change fee which is also equal to the full amount charged for the trip depending on whether or not we were able to accommodate another client due to vehicle unavailability caused by the trip being booked.

We understand that sometimes your child’s schedule changes unexpectedly during the day. If waiting beyond the grace period is required proper notice should be given to us by the parent. Availability not guaranteed. Should it be rendered a waiting charge of $0.5 per minute will be incurred.

If it is required that a child (due to age or other circumstances) needs to be received by a responsible adult when he or she is dropped-off and there is no one home, a penalty of $10 will be imposed. The driver will give a courtesy waiting period of five (5) minutes and try to contact the person or persons responsible for the child’s care. After that time the vehicle will leave immediately bringing the child along while making other trips and will come back at a later time when there is confirmation that someone is ready to receive the child. The penalty fee is to cover the extra trip and time lost in driving the child back again to his or her intended destination.

Snow, rain, road constructions and other conditions usually cause a slow down in traffic and travel times can be lengthened drastically. Whenever these can be anticipated adjustments to the pick-up times in the morning will be made as an effort to make sure that the students arrive at their schools on time despite the conditions. Parents will be contacted either the night before or early in the morning to inform them of these changes. However, please understand that these conditions are not under our control and there may be times that your child will be late for school, after school activities or going home.

There is a fee for the car seats we provide and the fee depends on the type of service you have signed up for. There is no charge if your child uses his or her own car seat. Installation is free of charge.

As a rule we follow this general guideline in safety seats:

  • Rear-facing car seat up to 3 years old
  • Forward-facing car seat 1 to 7 years old
  • Booster-seat 4 to 12 years old
  • Seat belt 8 years old and up

The wearing of a seatbelt is required for every child at all times while riding in our vehicles.

As an effort to make sure no child with food allergies gets an episode of an allergic reaction we implement a “NO EATING” policy in the vehicle.

Per Month Carpool customers are allowed to bring along one (1) guest for a one-time trip as long as there is available space in the vehicle. A parent must arrange for the trip prior to the guest joining. There is a charge per guest which will be based the current Per Trip Carpool rate.

If a child is determined to be exhibiting inappropriate behavior inside the vehicle he or she will be requested to behave appopriately and will be given a warning. A second warning will be given if it happens again and will be reported to the parents. A third offense will result in either a temporary suspension or permanent discontinuation of service depending on how severe the situation is as deemed by us.

Jollyriders reserves the right to deny service when there is a failure to abide by the norms of good conduct and right behavior as it is detrimental to the experience of other passengers and the conducting of our business.

Examples of inappropriate behavior:

  • Bullying
  • Cursing
  • Hitting
  • Fighting
  • Disrespectfulness
  • Rowdiness
  • Uncooperativeness


This is when your child travels with other riders in the vehicle and where pick-up and drop-off times are the same for everyone in the group. Billed during the first week of each month the charge is for the specific spot that is reserved for your child in the vehicle. These charges are fixed and remain the same each month regardless of the number of days of school. This means that holidays, school cancellations, absences and vacation breaks do not affect the amount of the charge. The charges also remain the same regardless of whether or not you require daily one-way trips only or daily two-way trips. Customers who intend to get the service for the entire school year gets priority over those who require it for only a portion of the school season. So those who intend to get partial service (not whole season) are either served on a temporary basis or placed on a waiting list.

The condition for this service does not require traveling with a group. However, there will be times where a child scheduled as an individual rider who’s fee is under the Per Trip category will share a ride with another child who’s fee is under that same category because they are going to the same destination at the same time for the same event but have not made the booking together as a group. 

JOLLYRIDERS assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items.


Service Types:

Per Month Carpool
Due every first week of the month. Online payments can be made through our website

Per Trip Carpool
Payments are pre-paid and are made through telephone when booking for the trip.

Combined Monthly & Per Trip Carpool
Either monthly email invoicing or combined online website payments and email invoicing.

Payment Methods:
We accept all major credit cards.

Checks should be made payable to “JOLLYRIDERS LLC”