These are service packages that span the entire length of a program such as a whole school year or summer camp. Your child gets picked up from your home and dropped off at school or camp at the beginning of the day and picked up at by the end of the program and brought safely back to your home. Payments are either paid in full, in two half payments or monthly. Please take not that rates are fixed which means they don’t change regardless of the number of days your child rides in a month or whether you require only drop-offs and not pick-ups and vice versa.


  1. RESERVE FOR A SPOT – either online or call. You secure a spot by making your first month’s payment.
  2. REGISTRATION – submit the Registration Form.
  3. CONFIRMATION – You will receive confirmation that we have received and processed the spot reservation and the registration. You will also receive schedule details and other pertinent information.


  • Registration Form download
  • First month’s payment for spot reservation go
  • Automatic Payment Authorization Form download


Mostly used for events such as after-school programs, soccer games, rides to parents’ workplaces and playdates.¬†Charges are based on the number of riders, distance and duration of travel. You contact us for availability. We give you a price quote. After making payment, the schedule is arranged and you’re all set.


  1. REQUEST FOR A RIDE – either online or call.
  2. PAYMENT – you’ll receive a price quote and make payment.
  3. CONFIRMATION – You will receive confirmation that we have received your payment and that the ride has been scheduled.