No. The monthly fee is like a reservation fee where you pay to reserve for the particular spot that your child takes up in the vehicle so much so that the spot can no longer be taken by somebody else. So the fee remains the same regardless of the number of days in a month the service was used.

Yes, we will prorate your fee for the first month but only if your child joins us past the first week. Proration is applied on a weekly basis. For instance, if your child started during the third week, you will be charged only for that week and the fourth week. If your child started just several days into the first week the full month’s fee will still be due.

It depends on the circumstances. We provide free rides to nannies of kids in pre-k who have availed of the Pre-K Package on the condition that there is space in the vehicle for them. For Per Trip bookings nannies are included in the overall passenger count for the fare calculation.

For Per Month Carpool customers there is a 15-minute waiting grace period for pick-ups at school and a 5-minute waiting grace period for pick-ups at your house or other points of origin. For reasons of safety and for the sake of the other riders, the vehicle will leave immediately once the waiting period over. This is implemented so we can prevent the other kids in the carpool from being late for their classes and also to avoid putting everybody at risk by not putting the driver in a position where he or she is forced to drive faster and go beyond safety limits in order to make up for lost time.

Yes. However, these trips will be considered separate and will be charged separately (under the Per Trip category).